0102 - Graebert Account / License activation

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Topic notes

Creating a Graebert account is a simple, free process. Once you do so, you will be able to activate the 30-day trial periods for ARES CommanderARES Kudo, and ARES Touch — or add the licenses you have purchased for these programs — and begin enjoying the advantages of ARES Trinity.
Each product has a login button, and among your options is the ability to create a Graebert account if you don't already have one. 

Note: If you haven't downloaded and installed the programs yet, you should complete the “Read me first” course before continuing. (Click here for access).

0102.02 - Login in ARES Commander.

0102.03 - Login in ARES Kudo.

0102.04 - Login in ARES Touch.

We can also create a free Graebert account from the website, www.graebert.com. To do this, we click on Customer Portal.

0102.05 - Customer Portal link on the home page of Graebert.com.

This box will allow us to sign in; it’s similar to the one we will find when logging in from any of the Graebert products. But in this case, we are interested in creating a new account, so we click on SIGN UP instead.

0102.06 - Customer Portal in Graebert.com.

Now we just have to fill out the registration form.

0102.07 - Registration form for creating a new Graebert account.

All that remains is to accept the link sent automatically to the email account registered.

0102.08 - Activation email for creating a new account.

Once we activate the new account and log in, we can see that the My Trials and My Products sections are empty. This is because this account has not yet added any paid licenses, nor activated a 30-day trial.

0102.10 - The My Products section is also empty.

If you have purchased a license, paste the key number in the white box, and click VALIDATE PERMISSION KEY.
In this other example, you can see two active plugins have been added in the My Products section.

0102.11 - Product licenses added.

If you have activated any trial version of the ARES Trinity products — that is, ARES CommanderARES Kudo, or ARES Touch — they will appear in the My Trials section of your account.

0102.12 - My Trials section.

In the Devices section, you will be able to see when the licenses have been activated, and on which devices.

0102.13 - Devices section.

In the Profile section, you can add more data to your user profile if you wish. Pay attention to the Language drop-down menu, since it not only allows you to modify the language of this box, but also serves to set the language for ARES Kudo.

0102.14 - Profile section.

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