0100 - Topics

This module begins with a video that quickly demonstrates the features of ARES Trinity. This allows you to have a notion of all the things that can be done, and that will be learned throughout the course.

Next, the creation of a free Graebert account is highlighted, since it is essential to be able to activate the programs, whether you have a paid license or you want to activate a 30-day trial license.

We close the module by comparing similar tasks in ARES Commander, ARES Kudo and ARES Touch, which allows us to discover the similarities between the 3 programs, which makes it easier to understand how to call a command, or use dialog boxes, or even drop-down menus. From this module begin the QUIZ that are essential to be able to evaluate what the students have learned and that will be essential to obtain a certificate at the end of the course.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to use ARES Trinity, and how it incorporates ARES Commander, ARES Kudo, and ARES Touch.
  • What steps you need to follow to get a Graebert account.
  • How easy it is to work with Trinity — we will show you an overview of the different interfaces so you can see for yourself.

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