0002 - Course Structure

The course is divided into modules that group together related topics. Their complexity will increase as you progress in your training.

The topics are ordered in such a way that each one serves as a foundation for the topics that come later, as you progress through the course.

Progressing through topics

You will not be able to advance to a new section of the course until you complete the topic that precedes it.

Therefore, at the end of each lesson, you must press the button:

Note: You will need to complete all the components of a lesson — including any video and/or quiz components — before you can select the “Complete and Continue” button.

Of course, as you progress you will be able to review any previously completed topics again, but you cannot skip ahead. Once the course is finished, you will be able to navigate freely among all the topics to review anything you like.

Studying the content of each lesson

When you open a lesson, you may find only text, or a combination of text and images. Some even have videos to watch, or examples to download and practice, or PDF examples to view, or a quiz that you must complete. We will talk about the latter in the next lesson.

The content in each lesson should be studied in the order it appears. In other words, if the lesson starts with a video, watch the video first, and then you will see a written summary along with pictures. This is designed to help you improve the notes you've been taking while watching the videos. It will also make it easier for you to review the topics later. 

If you open a lesson and find text before the video, please read that text first, before you press play. In conclusion, you just have to follow the proposed order within each lesson.

The following image shows the learning platform. Highlighted on the right side of the window is the content of the lesson (A). On the left side, the topic menu appears. Here, we can see that B is the title of the module, while each lesson has its own title and number (C). The icon that appears before the lesson title indicates if it is a lesson that only contains text and images, or if it also contains a quiz.

In this image, we can see that the lesson includes a quiz, as indicated by the icon that resembles one. At the end of the title (D) we can see the total time of the video that is included in the lesson.

0002.01 - Appearance of the graphical interface of the course.

Here you can see all the possible icons that can appear in front of a lesson. They are for information only.

0002.02 - Possible icons that appear at the beginning of a lesson.

In the following image we can see three different icons, which mean the following:

  • The checkmark icon (A) shows that the topic has already been viewed.
  • The open circle icon (B) indicates that the lesson has not yet been opened.
  • The half-filled circle (C) indicates that the lesson has been opened, but has not been finished.

0002.03 - Icons in the content menu that show degree of completion.

Complete and Continue